I have clear memories of my mother pulling handfuls of leaves and rocks out of my pockets after coming home.  This compulsion to gather has yet to leave me. Being raised in a small town surrounded by vast wilderness, the environment and community instilled in me a feeling of “otherness” present within the natural world.  My relationship with nature and strong feelings of connection and disconnection are vital facets of my identity.

My process involves the use of found objects sourced from specific natural environments.  I use these materials both processed and whole, combined with the pouring of various reactive solvents on various surfaces.  In this, I record not only their existence, but the action of a chemical and visual transformation.  This continuous print or painting becomes a sort of palimpsest; an overlay of marks made onto and within matter, retaining a memory of object and place that changes with time.  Each sourced material, along with the viscosity of the solvents, bring forth chance imagery that integrates both the physically sensed natural realm and the mental interpretation of it.  In search of these ideas within my work, I both recognize and employ the unknown as my most useful tool.  With each piece, I wish to find the cause of every unexplained effect, then set up more complexities within the process, purposefully forcing myself deeper still into unfamiliar territory.